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Reiki is an Energy Therapy for Pain Relief, Stress Release, and Improved Health.

While classic Massage Therapy works with muscles, Reiki Therapy works specifically with the body’s energy fields to provide balance and self-healing. It can be thought of as a “Touchless Massage”.

What happens during a Reiki Session?

Except for removing their shoes, the client remains fully clothed during a Reiki Session. A comfortable table is provided for the client to lie down and relax during the session. The Reiki provider will then explain to the client what they will do during the session and answer any questions the client may have. Speaking is not usually done during the healing unless the situation requires it. The Reiki Practitioner will then begin the session, which usually lasts an hour. During this time, the client will be touched lightly on the shoulders and ears but will not be touched again until the end of the session. The Reiki practitioner will close the appointment by lightly massaging the client’s feet. It is quite common for recipients to fall asleep during the session!

What happens after a Reiki Session?

Most clients find themselves in a deep state of relaxation following aReiki session. For some, they might not feel a difference immediately, but wake up the next day feeling vibrant and refreshed. Rarely, a client may have a headache or feel tired the next day. This may occur when the body is responding to the healing and working to balance and restore their ability to heal themselves.

Please ask for an Information Packet from the Receptionist if interested in learning more!

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